Woman From Hulk Hogan’s Sex Tape, May Have Videos With Deion Sanders & Warren Sapp


Long story short.

Hulk Hogan’s best friend Bubba the Love Sponge liked taping his wife (now ex-wife) Heather Clem having sex with other men. One of those men was The Hulkster.

Someone leaked the tape trying to make a quick buck, but Hogan got upset and sued Bubba and Gawker for releasing the tape.

Since then Hogan has settled with Bubba, but not Gawker. TMZ reported there might be several tapes floating around and now Gawker has a potential list of people who could be in them.

Here is the list according to their sources.

  • Deion Sanders, former NFL player
  • Tony Stewart, NASCAR driver
  • Aubrey Huff, former MLB player
  • Warren Sapp, former NFL player
  • “Some major broadcasting guy”
  • “One of Bubba’s lawyers”
  • Oh and then there’s this.


Hopefully for Sapp and Prime if true those tapes are never released, but you never know these days. Deion Sanders and Bubba the Love Sponge are good friends.

Here is the one Hogan appeared in.

Here is what Bubba had to say,


  1. Judging by his twitter post, I’m betting there’s probably a tape of Bubba giving Deion a bj cause he is certainly doing it on twitter. Gees…

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