Andrea Bargnani Says His Toronto Raptors Are The Worst Team In NBA

Andrea Bargnani was the #1 overall pick in the 2006 NBA Draft.  Bargnani is a 15 point per game scorer in his 6 years in the league, but he’s never been on a winning team, and he’s never actually played like the best player in the draft.

Bargnani was talking to an Italian newspaper recently when he was asked to describe the 5-19 Raptors.  According to Gazetta Dello Sport, Bargnani summed up his Raptors in one statement.

Bargnani feels the Raptors are the “worst team in the NBA.”

We pretty much the worst NBA team. The summer market was made to build a winning team, but we are not winning. We are below all expectations. Nobody is used to playing with anyone. We won 4 games: it’s a tragic thing, from whatever side you look at it is a desperate situation.

Bargnani was then asked about rumors of him possibly being traded.

“Exchanges are not something you can control. Obviously I hear the voices: whether it should happen will happen.’m ready for any eventuality. But I have no say in the matter: it is not that I can call a team rather than another, or say to my agent where I want to go. It ‘s all in the hands of the manager, so does not affect me at all. I play basketball, if I have to play in another city I will go elsewhere if I have to be here I’ll be in Toronto. E ‘a job. “

As I wrote earlier, Bargnani was the #1 pick in 2006, but I can name five players alone who have performed better than him.   Rajon Rondo has established he’s the clear-cut best player of that draft, with other notables such as Rudy Gay, Paul Millsap, and LaMarcus Aldridge also performing better.