ESPN’s Rob Parker Says RG3 Might Be a “Cornball Brother” Because of White Fiancee

I don’t watch ESPN 1st Take and this is the main reason why. RG3 escapes a significant knee injury and is trying to play on Sunday in a game that the Redskins desperately need to keep their playoff hopes alive.

In a normal person’s mind their thought process would be “how will RG3 perform on his bad leg”,  “will he be able to run the type of offense that the Redskins usually run or will there be limitations.”

But, on ESPN 1st Take they rather spend time questioning his blackness. Before we get to what Rob Parker said, let’s look at his questionable comments in the past.

1- Once called Hank Aaron a coward for being in attendance when Barry Bonds broke his home run record.

2- Erroneously reported that Kirk Cousins, who was at Michigan State at the time, was in a fight with some hockey players when he was actually at church with his parents (Parker was suspended over that).

3- Questioned then Lions head coach Rod Marinelli about Lions DC Joe Barry, Marinelli’s son-in-law, inquiring whether Marinelli wished that his daughter had “married a better defensive coordinator. (he resigned after that).

4- Flirts in an unprofessional manner with 1st Take host Cari Champion bringing flowers and gifts on the set.

So, remember who we are talking about here.

Parker states that he can’t tell if RG3 is a brother or cornball brother because A- he has a white fiancee and B- he might be Republican.  He also questions if he is “one of us” and “down for the cause”.

If that wasn’t stupid enough, he goes on to say that RG3’s braids add to his blackness “authenticity”.

What does any of this have to do with RG3 playing on a bad knee on Sunday? Parker tried to clean it up and say this is what people talk about in the barbershop, but that is BS and he knows it.

The reason it is being talked about because of idiots like Parker are putting it out there on TV and because ESPN’s 1st Take has become a race baiting show. Charles Barkley has a white wife, no one questions his authenticity.

Honestly, it makes me sick to my stomach. RG3’s personal life is his personal life. If he wants to marry a white woman and be a republican who cares, can he throw a 15 yard out? That is what people should be talking about. Would 1st take talk about Andrew Luck’s whiteness if he voted for Obama?  If being a cornball is being engaged to someone you love, not speaking like Trinadad James, not getting in trouble and playing the QB position at a very high level, I wish more NFL players would be cornballs.

Here is what RG3 said about those who try to put him in a bubble.

“I am an African-American in America. That will never change. But I don’t have to be defined by that…We always try to find similarities in life, no matter what it is so they’re going to try to put you in a box with other African-American quarterbacks – Vick, Newton, Randall Cunningham, Warren Moon…That’s the goal. Just to go out and not try to prove anybody wrong but just let your talents speak for themselves.”

All RG3 wants to be seen as is a Quarterback.  Not a black quarterback, not a running quarterback, but just a successful one. Because that is all he wants he has to be question if he is black enough by Rob Parker of all people?

I would say I am surprised, but I am not, this is what ESPN has become and because people watch they will continue to promote this ignorance on their airwaves.

They will continue to hire people like Rob Parker who are more interested in getting their name trending than speaking any sort of common sense.

But, I don’t blame ESPN, I blame the people who are watching and keeping the Rob Parker and Skip Bayless types on the air.

Never blame the supplier, blame the user and it is clear many people are high off ESPN’s ignorance.

16 thoughts on “ESPN’s Rob Parker Says RG3 Might Be a “Cornball Brother” Because of White Fiancee

  • thanks bso for putting this idiot on blast…rob parker has set us back another 100 years..smh

  • Although it was the wrong forum for his topic, Rob Parker is saying what other blacks are ALWAYS saying. I love my people, but nothing will ever change if WE don’t let it.

  • Blame the people who watch and blame your self for reporting it. For someone who wants there name to trend bad publicity is still publicity and you fell for the trap. I’m sure he is thanking you for a feature on your website!

  • I think u are good for journalism BSO, but a black man should never call another black man a racebaiter even if it true because there are plenty white people for that, unless its against the new black panthers or a liar because we are the most hated man on earth. Rob Parker got too comfortable on tv and forgot he was a black man, I got his point though should have never said it on tv.

    And the unnecessary shot at Trinidad James hes actually an intelligent speaker, he just raps like that for money dont slander and dont hate the hustle. And as for RG3 I also get what he is saying but that is weak move not wanting to be known as a black man. So yes RG3 is cornball brother, but Rob Parker never should have thought he could say that on tv.

    I like RG3 nonetheless but what is known really shouldnt be worried about. And stop hating on 1st Take because its a good entertaining unique(only one like it) show an it dont matter if they yell or start controversy they give us sports entertainment. An BSO u are not a cornball but sometimes u make me wonder, but I understand u jockeying for position.


  • I believe that RG3 is a cornball but Rob should of kept it to himself….as a black community we all knows who believe’s in the hype but still try and think that we are all equal…we need to be proud of who we are , because if we dont love our selves who will…..Those other football players can before him and made the way so he can do what he’s doing now…the comments that RG3 made was a slap in the face in to them brotha’s…

    • JD are you insane. Is RGIII the first black man to date, become engaged to, or marry a whte woman. I am sure you already know the answer to tha question. This is Amerca and he can be with who he wants. We live in an age where we have a bi-racial president. When are we going to get past this nonsensical talk. My ex wife is black and we share a daughter. Is she a cornball sister for marrying me America is supposed to be the melting pot. When you mix dark chocolate and vanilla you get milk chocolate. The best kind. Don’t be a hater. Celebrate your brother’s success!!

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