1. Vero-I would like to see your face.This girl is hot by all standards.So he needs an upgrade cos he’s a starter now.You are what’s wrong with society.No one even knows if they broke up.Let them be.All couples quarrel.

  2. You sure she is the ex cos just tweeted about Miami who Colin are playing this weekend.Just saying. I think they are together.

      • So are they back togetehr or did they even break up in the first place.She tweeted on fooball yesterday. If I just broke up I wouldnt tweet support of my ex’s job(Colin is QB).I undrstand why celebritites keep thngs private.

  3. She wrote this on her instagram today.Think they made up.”You think I’m gona wait around I ain’t got all day. You don’t need another lover. Dont you let it go. I already got it covered let the others know.. (if you want it lets do it ride my piny my saddle is waiting come and jump on it) HAHAH #RECKLESS #MISSYOU #OKIMDONENOW” Even knowing he has women on the side.#smh

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