What Happens When Married NBA Player Won’t Acknowledge Secret Kid During Holidays?


I need to talk to the homie Donte Greene.

Just last year after he knocked up some woman (not his wife) named Marcia Grant she want on Facebook and went on an epic rant about him not paying child support and being a deadbeat dad, etc etc.

Now, just over a year later he has a woman on Twitter Jennifer Clark who has a four month old baby claiming it is his, ranting that he refuses to acknowledge his kid.


Before I get back to Greene these Tweets made me laugh, so I thought I would share.


I am not sure if Greene’s idol is Dwight Howard (Dwight has 5 baby mamas and counting), but he isn’t making Dwight Howard money (Greene doesn’t currently play for a NBA team), so he needs to get it together.

Because what is going to happen in the near future is the wife and the secret baby mamas are going to team up and have Greene on Dr. Phil looking like this.


And buy some condoms, they are $8 for goodness sakes.


Another was come forward stated she also has a new born with Donte Greene. He is being accused of having three kids under the age of 1. One by his wife and 2 by his mistresses. Greene also has a 4th child that that is either 3-4 years old.


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