Autopsy Confirms Chiefs Jovan Belcher Shot Girlfriend Kasandra Perkins 9 Times


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There had been a few conflicting reports about exactly how many times Belcher shot Kasandra Perkins, but what was consistent was it wasn’t just one shot it was multiple shots.

ESPN is reporting the autopsy revealed it was nine shots that struck Kasandra Perkins that led to her death.  I don’t know Jovan Belcher, but it would be hard for me to find anything good in someone who could shoot someone nine times in cold blood with their mother and child in the home.

No argument should lead to that type of violence.  Belcher also was two times of the legal drinking limit at the time of the shooting.  Sadly the police spoke to Belcher hours before the shooting but didn’t believe he was intoxicated enough to arrest him.

Belcher then took the coward’s way out and took his own life.  Currently the grandparents of his daughter are fighting over custody, just a sad situation any way you look at it.

Kasandra Perkins Jovan Belcher