John Elway On Manti Te’o Catfish: Why Wouldn’t He Know?


By now we’ve all had time to digest the catfish of the century, and try to offer our inputs on the Manti Te’o situation.  Te’o had an off camera interview Jeremy Schaap, and will sit down on camera with Katie Couric.

Te’o’s most important interview process will come during the NFL Combine and when he’s out on the interview circuit and has to answer questions from NFL brass.

One high-profile and Hall of Fame executive has already spoken out, and per USA Today, John Elway wants to know ‘how and why wouldn’t Te’o know.”

“It’s a little bit mind-boggling to think what did happen, what he did know,” Broncos executive vice president John Elway said. “He’s going to get asked about it probably 32 times at the Combine. Everyone is going to ask him about it. It’s hard for us to understand — why he wouldn’t know?”

New York Giants general manager who would be in charge of acclimating Te’o to the big city if he drafted him, said he needs more information.

“We call that situation in our room ‘NMI.’ You know what that stands for?” New York Giants general manager Jerry Reese said. “Need more information. We don’t rush to judge anything. I don’t know the details, but there’s probably been worse things.”

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