Kevin Durant’s Grandmother Tells Him Stop Cursing During the Game via Text (Photo)


Kevin Durant Grandmother

Doesn’t matter if you are 5 or 35 years old, your grandma always has something to say.  She should also tell Kevin to stay away from FACETIME with Groupies that are trying to expose him.

Check out this interaction between Kevin Durant and his grandmother via his Instagram. Surprised she didn’t tell him she was going to wash his mouth out with soap.  My grandmother still to this day tells me to “Stay out of those streets after dark”. 

I am surprised KD’s grandmother didn’t ask him how Marcin Gortat’s cornbread tasted after he snatched it from him on this dunk.

Kevin Durant Grandmother 2

The hesitation dribble wasn’t bad either.

KD has been rumored to be dating former Destiny Child member Latoya Luckett more details about that here.


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  1. I think it is absolutely adorable and the fact that he apologized is even more so. Kevin Durant is the type of athlete I tune in to watch. Wish more were like him.