National Chicken Council Says Expect a Wing Shortage Ahead of The Super Bowl

Wing Shortage

Oh no!!!!!!!

This is serious and I think we should get the President involved, because how will we survived on Super Bowl Day? Here is what the National Chicken Council (say that out-loud three times without laughing) had to say courtesy of the Sports Grid.

This year, it’s the National Chicken Council taking Mother Nature and the federal government to task for a shortfall in the production of chicken wings that will hold consumption to 1.23 billion wing segments during the 2013 Super Bowl, 12.3 million less than last year.

What would Tebow do?

If you really want to know why we are in a chicken shortage, the price of feed has went up and so in turn less chickens are being slaughtered for the public consumption.   The prices went up because we had an extended drought in 2012.

FYI, I think I am ordering Hooters tonight.