Colin Kaepernick Gets New Chest Tattoos (Photos)


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SFGate published some of the first photos of a freshly tatted Colin Kaepernick just days removed from his first Super Bowl run.

Earlier today Kaepernick posted on his instagram page (@Kaepernick7) of the needles and ink just before he got inked, and the after results.

black sports online colin kaepernick tattoo

Kaepernick visited Orly Locquiao’s studio to get the job done. Locquio also posted the pictures on his instagram page and said that the tattoo represented “inner strength, spiritual growth and humility”

black sports online tattoo ink kaepernick

Young Colin took a brutal L in his first Super Bowl trip, so it’s good to see he’s not hanging his head on the loss and is moving forward and hoping to lead the team back.

Kaepernick has been in hot water since his debut about his multitude of tats, and surely his naysayers will get a kick out of his newest work of art.

Ladies, do you like Kap’s ink?

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