Darnell Dockett Calls AJ McCarron a “Sissy Boy”

This is getting a little old.

Either Dockett and McCarron need to get a room and have a threesome or stop playing around on Twitter.  A few days ago they got into and now they are back at it. The day Katherine Webb leaves AJ, Dockett might break his wrists trying to Tweet about it.  I do find it ironic she never comments on the situation.  She likes the boys fighting over her.

Darnell Dockett AJ McCarron

Darnell Dockett AJ McCarron 2

Dockett needs to be careful, I know he is joking around, but the NFL is very sensitive about the type of slang the players use on Twitter.

They might ignore it, but calling McCarron a “Sissy Boy” after what happened with 49ers Chris Culliver gay player remarks might get him into hot water.


4 thoughts on “Darnell Dockett Calls AJ McCarron a “Sissy Boy”

  • I really getting tired of you people giving THESE Over-Sensitive HOMOS Power #LMAOOOO “Sissy” isn’t an EXCLUSIVE TERM for describing GAY MALES… It’s a reference to Girly-Acting or Feminine Acting MALES which has NOTHING TO DO WITH BEING GAY (REAL…)

    Alot of guys who were EITHER the only MALE amongst his siblings or A MAMA’S BOY usually have FEMININE WAYS (It’s an Environmental Thing…)

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