J.R. Smith To 18 Year Old Girl On Twitter: “You Trying To Get The Pipe?”


J.R. Smith is the epitome of the word ratchet in every sense of the word.  Smith is already catching flak from recording artist K Michelle for ditching her in a club.

Now according to Deadspin, Smith who has a thing for the ladies, tried to seduce a groupie with the pickup lines of all pickup lines.

Last month while Smith and the Knicks were in Philadelphia, Smith was having a back and forth direct message conversation with an 18-year-old female on Twitter.

Smith and the young lady had a back and forth conversation that lasted for a few hours, only because Smith would answer her messages hours later.

During the final messages, Smith got directly to the point, and asked the young lady “if she was trying to get the pipe?’  No word on if that hookup ever came to fruition.


7 thoughts on “J.R. Smith To 18 Year Old Girl On Twitter: “You Trying To Get The Pipe?”

  • Boy, you’re going to end up State Property.

  • Eh I actually don’t think that’s as bad as it looks. Sending a DM like that, it’s pretty obvious she DOES want “the pipe” and I think him replying is almost making fun of/embarrassing her more than him actually trying to make some sort of awkward ratchet sexual advance. Still, that definitely doesn’t make it look any better…..

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