Kobe Bryant on Lebron’s Blocked Shots: “I’m A 80’s Baby Thats What We Do”

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Kobe Bryant is one of the last few players who still show intensity on a court and during the 2013 All Star Game, he didn’t fall short.

One of the most talked about highlights during the NB All Star game, other than Chris Bosh’s air balls and getting a ball dribbled between his legs, was Kobe Bryant not blocking one but two of Lebron James shots during the last 8 mins of the game. These blocks come after the infamous words of one of basketball greats, Michael Jordan, saying he would chose Kobe over Lebron. This only fueled the fire of the never ending conversation of who is better: Kobe or Lebron. When asked about the blocked shots, Kobe replied:

“Im an 80’s baby, thats what we do!”

Kobe honestly gave the fans what they wanted to see, a Kobe and Lebron match-up. He did not disappoint.


One thought on “Kobe Bryant on Lebron’s Blocked Shots: “I’m A 80’s Baby Thats What We Do”

  • Well, this is weak because the real 80’s baby’s play D for 48 minutes. If Kobe played half the defense he played on LeBron during any game with the Lakers, they would be a playoff team today. Problem is, he doesn’t play a lick of defense and he’s a fraud of a player. He’s no Jordan. He doesn’t play defense at all. The only charges he takes are on his credit card. He’s a fraud, one-tool player. Get out of here.

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