NC State Tyler Lewis Grandmother Just Died, So Duke Fans Chant “How’s Your Grandma?”

Tyler Lewis

Losing your grandmother is a traumatic experience and by all accounts Lewis was very close to his. She just passed away last Friday and understandably he is taking it hard, but was playing through it. The National Media treats Duke with kid gloves and as if they have Halos, but what are they going to say about this?

If this was the NC State crowd chanting this to a Duke player it would be national news. We will see how the mainstream media and Dick Vitale addresses this. It doesn’t matte if it was one fan, 100 fans or 10000 fans. While they will spin it as a “Past your Bedtime” chant that did happened, they will ignore the chant previous to that about Lewis’ grandmother, which can be heard faintly in background.

A Duke fan in the stands confirmed and identifies the people who chanted about Lewis’ grandmother on a Duke Fan Site Blog.

Duke Fan Comment

Duke has denied the incident has occurred.

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  • Why can’t Duke fans own up to really bad decision that was clearly made by the student body. They will do anything to try and distract opposing players to gain advantage and have been doing so for years. If you listen to that video and tell me that you can’t hear “How’s Your Grandma,” then I can only think that you are beyond denial and borderline mentally challenged. There are people that are professionals in this field that can get you the help you need. Remember that prescription medication should only be taken as prescribed.

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