Report: Cavaliers Set To Offer Greg Oden Multi-Year Contract


It looks like Greg Oden is on his way back to the NBA, and he’ll be closer to home if things go right.  The Akron Beacon Journal is reporting that the Cavs are set to offer Oden an Multi-year deal, with an option for a third year.

The Cavs are expected to offer free agent center Greg Oden a two-year contract with a team option for a third year after the Feb. 21 trade deadline passes, a league source said….

Oden is living nearby in Columbus. His agent, Mike Conley Sr., said last week Oden has been to see the Cavs a couple of times already, but was evasive when pressed as to what capacity.

“Greg has been up there (to Cleveland) before and he’ll probably be up there again in an official capacity,” Conley said Friday.

I agree, if Oden can offer you 15 minutes a night off the bench, that’s a major plus.  If he can ever hold up enough to play starters minutes, the Cavs will be formidable.