Bears to Run the Read-Option With Jay Cutler

jay cutler

Marc Trestman has a lot of grand ideas for the Bears. He doesn’t want Devin Hester to even practice with the receivers and now he wants Jay Cutler to run the read-option.

According to Gregg Rosenthal of, coach Marc Trestman stated that the team will be running the read-option in 2013.

Trestman won’t force Cutler to turn into Russell Wilson, but the signal caller will have times where he’ll have to take off.

It isn’t that Jay Cutler isn’t athletic, but just because Kanye West wears Leather Kilts, doesn’t mean you should as well.  You have to be a particular type of quarterback to run the read option effectively and even then you are putting your QB in harms way, so it would be best if Trestman dropped this idea.

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  • Robert,
    Stick to your groupie tales and mugshots cause your football analysis is horrendous. First Hester and now Cutler, your analysis sounds out of town stupid. Blog about what you know.

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