Joe Haden Says He’s The #2 CB In NFL Behind Revis, Not Richard Sherman


Richard Sherman and Darrelle Revis have gone at it for two weeks now in regards to who is the NFL’s top cornerback.  The topic is up for debate, but now another top-notch corner has thrown his name into the fray, and he’s not hiding his opinion.

Haden was on Pro Football Talk Friday, and agreed that Revis is the top cornerback in the game.  Haden then let it be known that he not Richard Sherman is the games #2 cornerback.

“I would say honestly and this is just me being real 100%, I would say Darrelle Revis,” Haden said.  “I studied tape on guys and I try to look and see what I can do to get my game to be on their levels [and] I feel like I’m honestly the number two cornerback in the league, that’s just my opinion personally.

“I studied all the good guys, all the great guys that are in the league now but Darrelle Revis he just stands out cause he’s just complete.  He tackles, he can play off, he can play press, and he’s just very, very, very patient and he’s just hard to deal with off the line.  His footwork on the line is amazing and that’s just the one thing I feel like I need to get to his level is just press so I feel that’s why he’s the No. 1 cornerback now.”

Haden also stated his claim for why Sherman is not the second best.

“Not to take anything away from him, I mean he’s a really good player on a talented team,” Haden said.  “They get seen a lot, their defense is, their secondary is amazing with him,  Earl [Thomas], you got [Kam] Chancellor, I mean their other corner too they have just their whole secondary, they get recognition, their team wins, they get seen a lot more but he’s a really, really good player but it would be Revis and then myself.”

I have no clear-cut answer for who’s 2nd or 3rd.  It’s a great debate subject though.