Pamela Smith Plotted Michael Jordan’s Paternity Suit For Money, Attention & Jealousy

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One of the things they teach you in Journalism school, is when reporting anonymous sources, you should have at least three separate sources, before running your story.

That rule doesn’t get used as much anymore, thanks to social media and the thirst for every reporter to be “first” or get credit for breaking a story.

That never have been that much of a concern of mine and for the most part even though I get a lot of “tips”, I tend to stick to what is out there and verified.

That was the case with Oral Sex Teacher Pamela Smith, initially I thought she was just a woman, who was trying to established who was the father of her son.  I was giving her the benefit of the doubt.  There are many woman out there who have “secret kids”, by athletes and no one knows.  Dwight Howard, for example, has five kids and four you have never heard of.

But, after the 5th source. came forward about Pamela Smith saying that wasn’t the case, I figured there was probably more to it. Even then, I was hesitant to put the information out there, but then she dropped the case. Her lawyer, basically said her claims were flawed and that’s when what I had been told started to make a lot of sense.

Deadbeat dads are terrible human beings and if it was proven that Michael Jordan had ignored a son, he knew he had, I would have taken him to task for that, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.  So, while Deadbeat dads are horrible, con-artists who try to take advantage of that fact are worst.

Here is the information I have gathered about Pamela Smith and why it should be a lesson for any man, to be very careful with the type of women you are dealing with.

  • Taj Jordan’s real name is Grant Pierce Reynolds, his real father is Pamela Smith’s Ex-Husband Glen Reynolds. Pamela sued Mr. Reynolds for child support in the early 2000s over “Taj”.

  • Pamela Smith’s Oral Sex business incurred massive debts and her regular job is as a flight attendant.   She is in dire need of money and that was the main driving force behind the paternity suit.

  • Pamela Smith has told friends, she is hoping the attention from the Jordan case would get her on reality TV or book deal.

  • Pamela Smith thought after Jordan’s divorce to his first wife Juanita, he would come running back to her.  After that didn’t happen she told friends she would make sure that he would never get re-married in peace. This is why the paternity plot, was thought up.

  • Michael Jordan hasn’t spoken to Smith for almost ten years.

  • Pamela Smith is allegedly living with a married man, who also was in on this plan to extort Jordan.

So, in review this appears to be a calculated attempt to use Michael Jordan’s name for 15 minutes of fame and a quick payday. Sad, but not uncommon.

Other athletes should pay attention because they could be next.

4 thoughts on “Pamela Smith Plotted Michael Jordan’s Paternity Suit For Money, Attention & Jealousy

  • Well she got the attention maybe she should try to start a reality show about women have slept with famous athletes……she could write a book…”Banging 23….the joy of being screwed by Michael Jordan”

  • Lets be real. Her and her lawyers were paid off. Michael is the dad. Google Mr. Reynolds and Michael Jordan. Which one looks like this boy? Hmmmm? Child please. Michael is the dad, and this woman recieved what she wanted.

    • Jordan never paid a dime.

  • Dude, would it kill you to spellcheck/proofread your posts? I’m a fan, but you won’t be taken seriously if you continue posting stuff that has so many spelling and grammatical errors.

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