Paul Pierce Hopes The Heat Loses The Rest of Their Games

paul pierce

The Boston Celtics have one memo for the Miami Heat. Although the rest of the world is consumed with the Heats winning streak, the Celtics could care less.

Shocking I know.

On Monday, the Heat will be arriving in Boston bringing along a familiar face this time. However no one is concern about the return of Ray Allen, except may be me. Everyone seems to be focus on the Heats winning streak and if the Boston Celtics will break it.

If you want to know what the Celtics think about the Heats winning streak just ask a few Celtics veterans.

Jason Terry:

“Not really impressed with it or anything that they do,” said Terry, who has a history with Miami from his Dallas days when the two teams met in the 2011 Finals. “So, for me, it’s more about what our team is doing and how we’re coming together as a unit.”

Paul Pierce:

“I really don’t even care. I hope they lose every game the rest of the season. I just worry about what this team does.”

“It’s rare when you’ve got a team that plays so well to be able to do that,” said Pierce. “It’s hard not to keep track of it. Any time you go to or, it’s going to be right there. It’s very impressive what they’re doing. It is what it is. But I think they don’t care about the winning streak.” 

Last but not least, Coach Doc Rivers:

“I don’t really care,” he said. “We’re going to play them one way or another, whether they have a streak or coming off a loss. We’ll be ready; I’m sure they will be.”

“It’s impressive, it’s really impressive,” he said. “The year after we won it, I think we won [19] in a row, right before Kevin went down [with a season-ending knee injury], and it’s hard to do — for a lot of reasons. But it’s harder to do for a defending champ, because every night is the other team’s biggest game. And the fact that they are doing it under those circumstances is pretty impressive.”

As you can imagine, it didn’t take long before those comments reached the Heat players. Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh both replied to the comments and understood the Celtics position.

“Why would [Pierce] want us to win?” Wade said. “Teams are tired of hearing about it on ESPN. They want to watch ESPN like everybody else. I understand, I would feel the same way.”

Bosh agreed with Wade stance on the issue.

“I feel the same way when other people are on streaks,” Bosh said. “That’s how it is, man.”

The Heat will be looking to add to their winning streak, while the Celtics are looking to continue their late season surge to win the Atlantic division without an injured Rajon Rondo. In addition this will be the Heats 1st return to the TD Garden since game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals, but this time former Celtics Ray Allen will be in tow with the Heat. Talk about recipe for an intense, electrifying game.

If any team wanted to break the Heat’s winning streak it would be the Boston Celtics.The Celtics are also aware that the Heat would love to add the them to their list of teams that fail short in stopping them as well

Brace yourself this should be a great game.



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  • First time back at TD Garden? Come on, they just played on Jan 27th. You’re going to have to study a little harder to be a real sports writer.

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