Royce White Headed Back to D-League, After Lying About Getting Permission to Leave

Royce White CNN

Royce White left the D-League because he didn’t like the travel schedule and hotel he was in. He went on CNN and avoided direct questions about what the Rockets have done wrong. He was on Twitter most of the weekend complaining about the D-League and saying he was preparing for next season.

This report  is from The Monitor who has been covering Royce White in the D-League, says he has been a malcontent while on the squad.

Royce White’s 12-game stint as a member of the Rio Grande Valley Vipers yielded an average of 9.6 points, 5.6 rebounds and countless headaches.

No one with the Vipers or the Houston Rockets will publicly admit that last stat, but the fact they have declined comment on White’s sudden and unexpected departure from the Valley on Thursday should speak volumes.

On Twitter, White said Thursday he left the Vipers to return to Houston on the advice of a team doctor. He didn’t clarify what team doctor told him this. The Rockets and Vipers are refusing to comment on anything having to do with The Royce Show. Later, White tweeted that he is returning to Houston, but not the Rockets. Then, he tweeted he’s returning to Houston to begin preparation for playing with the Rockets next season. Apparently, this will be better than playing in real basketball games with the Vipers this season. Of course, if White remains with the Rockets next season, there’s a good chance he’ll be assigned to the Vipers. So, there’s that.

White appeared on CNN Thursday afternoon and said a big reason why he left is that living out of a hotel in McAllen (a very nice one, too) and the nature of playing in the D-League didn’t offer stable enough environment in order for him to handle his anxiety disorder.

White’s Vipers’ stint wasn’t exactly smooth. Often, his play was a detriment to what the Vipers were trying to do. His numbers were pedestrian.

White was in foul trouble nearly every game, and his playing time suffered as a result. It’s hard to work on your game if you aren’t playing. White never fit in with the Vipers on the court, and more importantly, off of it. I wasn’t with the team all the time, but body language told me all I needed to know. I never got the sense he got along with too many of his Vipers’ teammates. I never sensed any conflict, just indifference.

Now, White is on his way back to the D-League, after lying about getting permission to leave.

Simply put Royce White is a con-artist, liar and a fraud.

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