Tracey Edmonds Confirms She’s Dating Deion Sanders & Wouldn’t Mind Marrying Him


Deion Sanders Tracey Edmonds

This is has been an open secret for a while.

But, with Prime’s divorce finally almost settled, it looks like his new lady is ready to walk down the aisle, as soon as the ink dries on those divorce papers.

We know Pilar isn’t happy about how things turned out, but hopefully she finds someone who makes her happy, since Deion has already moved on.

Check out the audio of Ms. Edmonds from


  1. Tracey went from Babyface to Eddie Murphy to Deion…….she only rolls with the big boys…it takes money & status to get between those legs

  2. Translation, Deion Sanders has millions of dollars and Tracey Edmonds doesn’t mind taking it!

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