12 Watches ($300k), Purses ($155k) & $20k Cash Stolen From Chris Bosh (View Police Report)



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As we reported earlier, when Chris Bosh was celebrating his birthday with Camels at Club Bamboo, someone was having their way with his home.

You can view the police report above, to see what was stolen and how the robbery was described.

Chris Bosh Birthday Party 17


  1. Ok so Bosh found 2 rings on the closet floor, 1 of those rings happens to be his championship ring….maybe they didn’t take it because it would be hard to sell or maybe they are Heat fans…from the report it seems that baby sitter Tracy is a suspect…..maybe someone left a door open for the theft…..definitely was an inside job….video cameras should have something

  2. I am sure after 3 game checks he will be able to purchase everything again. He may not even have to play those 3 games and can sit-out for an injury.

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