49ers Chris Culliver In Trouble For Calling Women B*tches & Hoes on Instagram


Chris Culliver Says Gay Remarks

Culliver got in some hot water during Super Bowl week, for saying gay NFL Players wouldn’t be welcomed in a NFL locker room. He was forced to apologize and do some community service work, but I always believed forced apologies, aren’t real ones.

Normally, the first thing that comes out of a person’s mouth, is what they really believe and who they are. Culliver didn’t become a changed person overnight, he just acted like a changed person, because his reputation and roster spot was in danger.

He isn’t the brightest of individuals, because even if you have these sort of feelings toward women, probably not the best idea to put them on instagram.

chris culliver instagram

Here is what the 49ers had to say via Larry Brown Sports.

“We are aware of the matter, and it is being handled internally,” GM Trent Baalke said, via NFL.com’s Around the League.

To be fair to Culliver, if NFL players were to disciplined players every time they called a woman a hoe, most of the league would be on probation.

Culliver issue, like so many other players, is putting his feelings on Social Media. I don’t know how many times I have to say it but……



  1. Further evidence of him not being the brightest individual…his latest Instagram post shows his chest tattoo with the word “theirs” when it should be “there’s” smh #IgnorantIsAsIgnorantDoes

  2. Was his rant about gay men just a cover up if this is how he feels about women or do he prefer the ones that run on one more leg than he has?

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