Bo Jackson Isn’t Giving The Auburn Allegations ‘The Time Of Day’

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Former Auburn Tiger Bo Jackson is not too worried about the very serious allegations made against the school earlier last week.

ESPN the Magazine broke the news that Auburn covered up widespread use of synthetic marijuana dating back to their 2010 championship year. The report also alleged that grades were changed, and players were paid thousands to forego the NFL draft.

Bo Jackson dismissed the allegations when in Alabama as grand marshal in Sunday’s IndyCar Grand Prix. Jackson stated the following via  ESPN:

“I don’t even know the kids. I’ve probably met them. But it seems like to me somebody’s fishing, somebody wants some attention, and they aren’t getting it,..I actually wouldn’t give those accusations the time of day, to be honest with you.”

The synthetic marijuana or spice, as it’s referred to, is a substance that was banned in August of 2011, after according to reports 12 students tested positive in January of 2011.

It’s not surprising that Jackson has come out vehemently denying the reports. There’s still going to take time for more conclusive evidence to surface against the school, but for now things do not appear good.