WRs DeAndre Hopkins and Mark Harrison Identified as Players Who Trashed Combine Room

deandre hopkins

It was reported that two players at the NFL Combine had trashed a hotel. The report spoke on feces, urine and uneaten food being spread all across the room.

Until now, the players hadn’t been identified, but only a week before the draft, the info has leaked.

Very irresponsible by these young men. It may or may not affect their draft stock, but it is something that will be on teams radar.  It appears that DeAndre was the main culprit.

8 thoughts on “WRs DeAndre Hopkins and Mark Harrison Identified as Players Who Trashed Combine Room

  • They don’t deserve to be in the NFL, shit on the walls? WTF?? less than animals.

  • These young thugs should be required by the NFL to return to the hotel and personally clean up the mess they made, publicly apologize to the hotel and city for disrespecting them and then compensate the hotel for any of their losses. And, they should be removed from the NFL draft until they do so. This is the only way they are going to learn from their mistakes.

    • That is the kind of disgusting act one expects from hard core felons/mental cases. If the NFL considers giving this scumbag a shot, I expect it is not the only time we will hear about his disgusting behavior. Too bad he wasn’t born a dung beetle.

  • What do we expect. Football is no longer the game it used to be. It is a game of a bunch of thugs trying intimidate each other and played by a bunch of ghetto punks who aren’t smart enough to pass a test to be a laborer. They make the owner rich and nobody cares what kind of person they are. Being a role model is out, that’s for sure.

  • Really? You are at the biggest job interview of your life right? So you decide to smear feces, urine, nad food all over the room. What’s that guy gonna do when he has his money and is at party with an overlly intoxicated woman, or after that party who is driving him home (probably himself DUI). I think the hotel should file charges against whomever is responsible and let a court of law convict them if in fact it is all true!

  • Well, What I see is ANOTHER ryan leaf in the making. I’m sure there MANY others to use as examples, But he is the One my TEAM PAID BIG TIME for.. They are LOSERS, You know like T.Bundy. Put them to work for a company that repairs CESS POOLS. Should be easy since thats what’s they ARE. IMHO..

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