How Good Will The Top Rookies Be In Fantasy Football?


This 2013 NFL Draft class certainly is not drawing comparisons to last year’s stars, but there is still some talent to be found. None of the quarterbacks are expected to make a huge fantasy impact, but there are some running backs, wide receivers and tight ends who will be taken. Here’s a look at those three positions, with projected ranks.

Running Back

There were no running backs taken in the first round, but that doesn’t mean there will be no rookies starting in the league. Between Eddie Lacy, Montee Ball, Le’Veon Bell and Giovani Bernard, at least a couple of these guys will become the man for their team. The most likely player to have an impact is Ball, because all of his competition is injured. Bell, Lacy and Bernard all seem to be interchangeable, with more depending on how well they play from the beginning. Lacy in Green Bay probably has the best chance to become the #1 man, while Bernard will have the toughest time as he competes with BenJarvus Green-Ellis for touches.

Wide Receivers

Tavon Austin headlines this class of rookie wide receivers, slotting into the #1 spot for the St. Louis Rams more than likely. That will still put him around #30 on the list at that position, simply because the Rams do not have the tools to be a dynamic offensive team. Aaron Dobson and DeAndre Hopkins are the best of the best when it comes to supporting roles as rookies. Both should get plenty of playing time for the Patriots and Texans respectively, but since neither will be the top option, they are nothing more than low risk end of the draft picks.

Tight Ends

The tight end position continues to be a valuable one in the NFL, and fantasy football owners are seeing the need as well. Unfortunately, rookie tight ends in the NFL tend to struggle their first season. About the only one who should be considered in the draft is Tyler Eifert. He will join a Cincinnati Bengals team that will be able to utilize his tools right away. Even with his potential, he is a fringe end of the draft pick. The rest of the rookie tight ends will just have to prove themselves on the field first.