Jerry Jones Wants Tony Romo to Be Like Roger Staubach

Roger Staubach

Jerry Jones wanted Romo to be like Peyton Manning, now he wants him to be like Roger Staubach, might as well throw in John Elway and Bart Starr as well.

Here are Jones’ latest comments about how he wants Romo to be a more active participant in the Cowboys offense courtesy of Pro Football Zone.

“But what we want to use more than we ever have, is the kind of thing that (Roger) Staubach contributed on the field. Real input into designing a plan that helps beat that opponent.”

Jones wants Romo to study more.

“You gotta do more than look at a couple of quick plays on Tuesday or Monday,” said Jones. “You’ve got to get in, study, spend time, look at 100 plays. To really have that input, but we think he can bring that to the table and that will be a big change.

“That is a change. He’s certainly has had input, but not the kind of input he’s going to be having going forward.”

Considering the Cowboys don’t even know who will be calling their plays, this doesn’t make much sense now. How can Romo be more involved, when he doesn’t even know who he should be talking to?

This all sounds like a recipe for disaster in Big D.