Lil Wayne Now on The Grizzlies Bandwagon (Photos)

Lil Wayne Grizzlies

If you have kept track, at one time or another, Lil Wayne has been on the bandwagon of….

Hornets (now Pelicans)



Lil Wayne Bulls Fan

and now Grizzlies.

He stopped being on the Thunder and Heat bandwagon after issues with either the players or the arena management. His beef with the Thunder had to do with him not being able to get comped courtside tickets and being force to exit the arena like a regular fan. I am confident Weezy will be showing up in Golden State soon.

For today though, he is riding with the Grizzlies.

Lil Wayne Grizzlies 2

6 thoughts on “Lil Wayne Now on The Grizzlies Bandwagon (Photos)

  • what a bitch

  • Lil Wayne makes me embarrassed to be a human being.

  • Can he just like sports? Good teams = Good Games.

    • I agree, I think he just likes sports and he’s able to get courtside seats.

  • he is the definition of a baby back bitch. Wayne (who should drop the Lil in his name, since he’s at least 30 something) is a dumb, spoiled, bandwagon riding brat. i’m tired of seeing this ugly guy on my TV, y cant he just b normal & stick with 1 team & like them, whether they’re great or they suck?

  • nigga look like a gremlin.

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