Tim Tebow’s Camp Thinks His Career is Over; Tebow Keeping the Faith

Time Tebow Jets workout

The most ironic thing about this whole situation is the reason that Tebow was a 1st round draft pick, got a chance to start in Denver and then got a ton of press when he came to the Jets, is the same reason he can’t find a job now.

His popularity use to be an asset, but now it is a hinderance. I don’t think he is a bad football player, but teams just don’t want to deal with the headache. The headache isn’t because Tebow himself is a distraction, but because the Tebow hype is a major distraction.

That’s why some members of his team this his NFL career is over.

Members of Tebow’s camp privately told ESPN’s David Fleming that they realize his NFL career is probably over.

Curiously Fleming reports that Tebow just isn’t that “Football Smart”.

As a kinesthetic learner, Tebow absorbs information better through using flash cards and hands-on repetitive experience than the traditional method of memorizing diagrams, notes and Polaroids from a playbook. That doesn’t mean Tebow isn’t smart or that he couldn’t develop into a brilliant, quick-thinking quarterback. It just hasn’t happened yet.

When the Broncos defense was on the field, offensive coaches would often tell Tebow the first series of plays they wanted to run when the team got the ball back. Tebow would nod, and they’d separate. And then, invariably, a short while later he’d ask for the information again. Sometimes this ritual would repeat right up until Tebow had to duck into the huddle and call the play. … Worse still was the fact that, according to scouts, Tebow almost never audibled because he struggled to quickly and properly read defenses. And of all the deadly sins Tebow committed against quarterbacking, this was the worst: lacking the self-awareness to recognize and fix these shortcomings.

Tebow’s team has come out and denied the report. They say Tebow hasn’t given up hope.

A person who has spoken at length with Tebow about his current prospects for returning to the league told USA TODAY Sports that Tebow isn’t ready to give up, retire or look to head to the Canadian Football League or Arena Football League.

Don’t stop believing Tim.