Tony Romo Cutting Back on Golf Events To Concentrate on Being Better QB

Tony Romo Meme

You can’t force someone to be Peyton Manning. No matter what Jerry Jones says about Romo putting in Manning like work at the Cowboys facility, you can’t change who someone is at their core.

Romo likes to golf (he is pretty good at it), but the Cowboys want him to be football junkie 24/7. This could backfire, but for Romo’s part, he is trying to play the role they have given him.

Romo is cutting back on participating in golf tournaments this offseason as he prepares himself for his expanded role in the Cowboys’ offense. reports that Romo passed on playing at the Azalea Invitational in Charleston, S.C., the Adams Golf Pro-Scratch Championship in Dallas and he won’t try to qualify for the HP Byron Nelson Championship or the U.S. Open.

One of the underrated components of being a successful quarterback is being relaxed, when you are stressed the pressure causes you to make mistakes.  Romo is the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, there is always going to be pressure, but I feel this year even more so, since he has signed his second big contract.

We will see how he handles it.