Aaron Hernandez Was Afraid Gang Members Were Out to Kill Him

Aaron Hernandez Tattoo

Depending on who you believe, one of the reasons that Hernandez slipped in the NFL Draft was because of suspected gang affiliations.

Could the defense build a case that Hernandez was in fear of his life and the murder was done in self defense? Seems unlikely they would go that route, but with all the evidence against him, they don’t have a lot of options.

Here is TMZ breaking down Hernandez’s paranoia.

Aaron Hernandez was in constant fear that someone wanted him dead … and that’s why he stocked up on firearms … sources close to the former New England Patriots star tell TMZ.

Sources connected to Aaron tell us … he had been trying to move away from the gangster life ever since he signed his fat $40 million contract with the Patriots back in 2012, but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Sources say … in the months leading up to the death of Odin Lloyd, Hernandez became paranoid that people from his “old lifestyle” were trying to kill him. It’s unclear if Aaron feared scorned friends … or rivals.

The prosecution believes the motive for the murder was that Hernandez was upset that Odin Lloyd was speaking to some people that he didn’t like at a club.

Did Hernandez believe these people were out to harm him and decided to take Lloyd out because of it? Time will tell.