D Wade’s Ex-Wife Siohvaughn Has Been Through 12 Lawyers; Arrested Last Week

siohvaughn funches mugshot

If you want to know what exactly caused D Wade’s ex-wife to meltdown in the middle of a Chicago street, the Chicago Sun-Times has the reasons why.

“After a grueling week of court developments in which Funches-Wade sought to fire her attorney — her legal representation paid for by Wade, she has gone through 12 lawyers — and a week in which she was arrested by Circuit Court Judge Thomas Carr for appearing late in court, she’d had it…. Dwyane Wade is offering to pay only some of what he owes me if I sign an agreement never again to discuss what happened in our marriage or with our children. I refuse,” the ex-wife said. “I finally told Carr I just wanted to end the case and keep my freedom and my voice. I told him I didn’t want anything from Dwyane. The judge demanded the trial continue. I couldn’t believe it.”

Wade is trying to buy her silence, which honestly is a very good idea since she talks a lot. It is her right as an American to keep speaking her mind, but she is battling someone with a lot of resources and public opinion on his side.

Don’t know if it is a battle she can win.