Greg Jennings Rips Packers Offense, Calls It “Cookie Cutter”


Greg Jennings is loving life with the Minnesota Vikings.

Jennings is enjoying the opportunity to display his skills, and most importantly, get his number called.  During an interview with the Star Tribune, Jennings ripped the Packers offense, calling it “cookie cutter,” and stated “he didn’t have to walk on egg shells anymore.”

“It’s not a free-for-all. There’s structure,” Jennings said. “But there’s liberty. You can breathe. It’s like, ‘OK, I can do my thing.’ You know what you need to do, you get it done. Whereas [in Green Bay], everything was more cookie-cutter. … It’s just different. In a good way. And not knocking what we did there. Because obviously it was successful. But here, no one’s walking on egg shells.”

 The Star Tribune stated that during an in-depth interview, Jennings spoke of being refreshed, and enjoying the looser atmosphere.

One thought on “Greg Jennings Rips Packers Offense, Calls It “Cookie Cutter”

  • This article was taken COMPLETELY out of context. Just came here from ESPN and this is what FOX is posting i guess. Note to self. Don’t ever read Glenn Erby’s articles anymore. Greg said there is structure and is free to get things done the way he knows best. That’s the no cookie cutter phrase. He also goes on to say hes “not knocking what they did in Green Bay because it’s obviously been successful.” That is hardly ‘Ripping’.

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