Lindsey Vonn Scared Tiger Woods is Going to Cheat With His Ex-Wife


Lindsey Vonn Tiger Woods

You don’t cure cheating.

Once a cheater always a cheater. Tiger is going to cheat, it could be with his ex-wife, escort, porn star, some chick on Twitter or whoever.

Vonn needs to get over her insecurities about that.

Woods, his two children and Nordegren, plan to meet up in Sweden for a summer vacation. But Vonn is demanding that Woods bring her along on the trip.

The reason? A source told The Enquirer that Vonn is worried that Woods would hook up with Nordegren during the vacation.

“Lindsey is convinced that Tiger still has feelings for Elin and, if he got the chance, he would dump Lindsey in a flash and get back together with her,” the source said.

As long as Tiger doesn’t marry her, he is fine, cheat away.


  1. Good. Once married in the eyes of God.. always married. If he wants to be with his ex, that’s his wife.

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