Lolo Jones Allegedly Knocked Out Bobsled Official’s Stepdaughter in Bar Fight



So, you maybe asking yourself if Lolo Jones has “Silvaed” a woman, why isn’t this all over the news? According to Fox Sports Tonight Radio Host Amy Van Dyken (Rob Dibble is her co-host by the way)  it is being covered up.

Go to 34:10 of the show to hear the story.

To be fair to Lolo, Van Dyken doesn’t reveal how she got this information or who her source was, but it has been backed up by a few people and there maybe video.

Lolo Jones Punch

Deadspin has followed up with a report that a source has told them indeed a cover up is in place specifically to protect Lolo Jones.  Jones who has been known to play the victim when she is really the bully.  Her credibility is suspect at best as she has continue to make ignorant comments, statements and videos over the past couple of years.

If it is true, this is just another example of Lolo, getting a Lolo pass from the media.


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