Ravens eyeing another Super Bowl title



For those of us that like to bet on the NFL it is hard to look past last years champions, the Baltimore Ravens, for this year’s shortlist of teams that could make the NFL Super Bowl. Despite losing a few key players, with Joe Flacco at the helm the Ravens will still be a force to be reckoned with.

Last season’s victory over the San Fransisco 49ers probably wasn’t high on many people’s NFL betting tipsaround December but this year the NFL football odds are high for the Ravens to repeat as Super Bowl champs. Baltimore went from being in the top 5 for none of the key offensive or defensive areas during the regular season to being in the top 5 for both passing and rushing in the playoffs. The Ravens will be hoping to continue this momentum into the new season.

A different roster to last year slightly, many people may be underestimating the Baltimore Ravens after a few players have gone. Ray Rice is obviously a huge player for the Ravens and anyone who is taking theNFL super bowl odds on the Ravens will hope he can stay healthy. Don’t forget, however, that the Ravens do have back up in the form of Bernard Pierce and if he can achieve his potential this season then the NFL odds will seem very generous on the Ravens retaining their Super Bowl title

Rookie Matt Elam could have a big say in the Raven’s season and those people studying the NFL betting lines will believe that he can be a big reason in the Ravens making the super Bowl again. The Ravens Twitter feed is full of people praising the 1st round pick showing how much faith the franchise have played in the rookie and they will be hoping the former Gator can repay them on the football field. The Ravens will be hoping that the losses of Ed Reed and Bernard Pollard can be offset by the rookie signing

The retirement of the great Ray Lewis will also be high on the worry list of Baltimore Ravens fans. The franchise moved quickly to appease fans though with the $100m contract signing of Joe Flacco. Flacco has been urged to really lead the Ravens in the coming season and he should be more than capable based on the leadership qualities he has displayed during his time in Baltimore. The rookies especially will be looking to Flacco to lead them through some difficult games which they will be a part of. When the first game of the season at the M&T Bank Stadium kicks off against the Atlanta Falcons, Flacco will have to rely on all of his experience to lead this team to the Super Bowl but the NFL Super Bowl odds suggest that he will be able to do this.

The Baltimore Ravens will be looking at going from strength to strength in the coming season. They will be looking to their offense to guide them through again but will have to have an improvement defensively in order to succeed this time around you would have to feel. They have signed some important players in that respect and the rookies Matt Elam and Arthur Brown will have to adapt quickly to the NFL to help the Ravens transition quickly. The resurgence of Terrell Suggs after an injury hit couple of years could be vital in the Ravens and if you are betting on the NFL and hoping the Ravens can do it again, Suggs will be high on the list of players you (and the Baltimore Ravens) will be hoping stay fit and healthy over the coming season.

So despite the obstacles that the Ravens must overcome there is a definite hope between those who bet on the NFL and Ravens fans that the incoming players can steady the ship and guide them to another Super Bowl appearance. The good thing is, it won’t be too long to wait to see if they can actually do it!