The New Skylar Diggins Nude Photos


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These are the confirmed Skylar Diggins nude photos above.


Skylar Diggins Uniform

There is also a video of Skylar Diggins naked photos that can be seen here that are also NSFW, but have been confirmed as her.

2 thoughts on “The New Skylar Diggins Nude Photos

  • How have the photos been “confirmed” as her? She never said they were her so they can’t be confirmed. Is it that you don’t have enough REAL news that you have to make up your own? These are not her. Reason #1: her breasts aren’t anywhere NEAR this big. Reason #2: her torso isn’t, and has NEVER been that thick. Her body is slender, check any photos/videos of her showing it. Reason #3: she’s had tattoos below her belly button since she was in high school, and as you can see, these photos show a girl that has NONE. This is OBVIOUSLY a photoshopped picture. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT.

  • Don’t try my boo wit dat ugly heffa dis is not skyler

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