USA Bobsledding Officials Looking Into Lolo Jones’ Bar Fight


This probably would have been swept under the rug if not for Fox Sports Radio host Amy Van Dyken-Rouen and one Twitter follower who started telling me about this last night and then pushed me to get more details this morning.

The story was a non-story until we posted Van Dyken’s account of the Lolo Jones altercation and how it was being covered up.

Once we got the ball rolling, other outlets picked it up and the snowball has just gotten bigger. Deadspin provided additional details of the bar fight and now the entire thing is about to be exposed as it should be.

USA Bobsled & Skeleton is looking into the allegations and speaking to the athletes and witnesses that were at the bar Friday night, said USBSF spokesperson Amanda Bird.

“We are treating this like we have with any other situation by investigating to see if there is a code of conduct violation,” Bird wrote in an email.

It should be noted in the Deadspin report that Jones wasn’t the aggressor, but if that was the case why the cover up?  This is nothing personal against Lolo Jones, but she shouldn’t be treated any differently than any other athlete. No more Lolo Passes will be given, the truth will eventually come out.

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