DeAndre Jordan Working to Improve Free-Throw Shooting

DeAndre Jordan is working to improve his free throw shooting.

DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin poises the most athletic frontcourt in the league. Everybody is familiar with Griffin’s amazing facials and how could anybody forget what Jordan did to Knight last year?

The entertainment value is sky-high in ‘Lob City’, but substance in the playoffs is the issue. DeAndre Jordan in particular has been problematic due to his inability to stay out of foul trouble, score in a half-court set and poor free throw shooting. Jordan shot a dreadful 36 percent from the charity strike last season.

Teams would play ‘hack-a-Jordan’ at times, hurting the Clippers chances. Jordan is now making a concerted effort to improve that area of his game.

Jordan has been working on his free throws daily this offseason with shooting coach Bob Thate, and says it’s slowly becoming second nature.…

“I think it was such a culture shock last year of having to change my shot,” Jordan said. “But what I’ve been doing for the past however many years hasn’t been working so I have to change it. … I’ve been focusing on one shot now and I’m going to shoot that same way and I’m going to get ton of reps up and they’ll start to fall.”

If Jordan is able to develop a post-game and knock down free throws consistently, he’ll become a force inside for the Clips.