Dwyane Wade Had Shock Treatment To Help Knee Tendonitis

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Dwyane Wade is on borrowed time in the NBA at this point.

It’s not a shot at Wade as a player, the simple acknowledgment that his knee’s won’t allow him to be as effective as he wants to be.

The Heat have already set in place a plan to limit Wade’s minutes, and now comes the news that Wade is taking different measures to try to save his knees.

The Sun Sentinel is reporting that Wade has opted for shock treatment, the art of sending shock waves into the impacted knee or other area.

Most reports suggest that it’s a last resort for trying to maintain an arthritic knee  or knee tendonitis.

Wade said that “the treatment worked for him.”

“I had to take a month off after I did my treatment and this weekend will be a month to the day,” he said during (his adult fantasy camp) at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. “It’s the kind of treatment for tendinitis, certain areas in your knee….

“Feeling a lot better,” Wade said at Thursday’s event… I’m not at ‘great’ yet. I’m feeling a lot, lot better.

“Right now I have to work on the strengthening part of it. So, I still have time before the season. By the time the season [starts], I think I’ll be as good as I’ve been.”