Gilbert Arenas Explains How He Ran 60 Red Lights While Playing Candy Crush

Gilbert-Arenas in-cop-negligee

This is what happens when you have too much time and money on your hands. You would think these guys would have learned from LeBron instagramming about police escorts, that they shouldn’t post their traffic violations online, but we are talking about Agent Zero here.

He went right to Instagram to tell you how he has been riding dirty. Larry Brown Sports has the quotes.

“The best Anti red light ticket protection(dealer plates)4 months driving 60 red lights and toll valuations and 0 tics,” he wrote on Instagram.

Candy Crush Gilbert Arenas

“Can’t text or talk on ur phones while driving in Cali but never said u couldn’t play candy crush lol,” he said in a separate post.

Gilbert wasn’t done, even though he is married to one of the Basketball Wives, he gives advice on how to pick up women in a moving car.

“Best place to holla at chicks #traffic even if she pulls off..pull back up and finish ur convo(so like I was sayn).”

Gilbert Arenas will be paid $22 million this year.

God Bless America.