Police Believe Aaron Hernandez’s Fiancee Hid The Murder Weapon

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When this case ever gets spotlighted on Dateline, Discovery ID, Nancy Grace, Lifetime or any of those type of shows, it is going to have to be a two hour special.

The police have a huge problem because they don’t have the murder weapon and they don’t have an eye witnesses who can say they saw Aaron Hernandez shoot Odin Lloyd.

They have a lot of circumstantial evidence and someone who heard it from a third party, but they don’t have the smoking gun, no pun intended.

They have searched lakes, ponds, creeks, backyards and the woods looking for the murder weapon and can’t find it. They believe the reason why is because Hernandez’s fiancee hid it.

The Bristol Press reports that search warrants for a Bristol storage facility suggest Hernandez may have instructed Shayanna Jenkins to take a gun safe or lock box out of his home in North Attleboro the day after the body of Odin Lloyd was discovered.

The warrants claim that Jenkins was seen on surveillance video footage carrying a rigid object the size of a lock box or safe out of the house and into the yard, before loading it into her sister’s car. She allegedly asked to use the vehicle to go to the bank and returned home about 35 minutes later without the object.

The warrants claim that Jenkins may have dumped the weapons in the woods in Massachusetts or may have taken them to a Bristol storage unit that Hernandez paid for.

The question begs if Shayanna knows more than she is saying, will she turn on Hernandez?  The answer to that question could be the difference between a guilty and not guilty verdict.