Reggie Bush Upset Kyle Arrington Ran Him Down After 67-yard Gain


Reggie Bush a fast running back and extremely prideful, so you know it has to burn him up when a defensive player is able to display the same amount of speed that he has. 

Bush caught a screen Thursday night, reached the open field, and all assumptions were that he was gone.  He was wrong, as cornerback Kyle Arrington tackled Bush at the New England Patriots’ 13-yard line.

Bush was not please about Arrington running him down.

“I was pretty upset that I got caught,” Bush told reporters after the game. “It was a good job by Matt [Stafford] getting the ball to me. The offensive line did a great job getting out there hustling and getting some blocks for me then springing me loose. I was kind of waiting on the blocks down the field and [Brandon] Pettigrew was in front of me, [Patrick] Edwards was also in front of me. They were blocking so I was kind of slow playing and letting them make their blocks and I should’ve just took off and just ran. Nevertheless, I thought it was a good play and it gave us a lot of momentum early on.”