Report: Louisville G Kevin Ware Was Briefly Kicked Off Team In July


There’s nothing like a good college basketball rumor on a Wednesday to get the blood flowing, and the aggression started.

The Big Lead is reporting that Louisville guard Kevin Ware was briefly kicked off the team for a few days in July for repeated team violations.

Ware of course was the inspirational story of the last seasons NCAA tournament, as the Cardinals rode the wave of emotion from his snapping his leg in half, to a national title.

According to Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio, are was allegedly kicked off the Louisville basketball team in July for multiple violations of a team rule as we stated a few sentences ago.

Jones then reports that Ware was allowed back on the team a short time later. The story gets murky at that point, because Louisville alleges that Ware is a member of the team, and reportedly is a good standing member.

A rumor spread (first on UL message boards, fan forums and Twitter) that Kevin Ware had been kicked off the UL basketball team due to multiple violations of the same team rule. While we initially dismissed the notion as mere fan chatter, after some digging, I (and others in the media) began to believe it was true. At some point over the past few weeks, the rumor goes, Ware was dismissed after the latest violation and the team was told he would no longer be with the team. The rumor spread online, in part, because team members told multiple people that Ware was no longer on the team. It then finally leaked to media at the end of last week. As of now, no member of the Louisville media has come out and reported the story, and my guess is that no one will. I spoke with UL spokesman Kenny Klein on Friday night, and he told me Ware is on the team now, but said he did not go as far as to say that no dismissal had ever occurred

Of course now, Louisville fans are angry, Louisville brass are in denial, and a Kentucky Wildcats radio guy broke the story.

Sounds good to me.

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  • Ya I read something about that last week, was hoping it wasn’t true especially after what that kid has gone through. And also wouldn’t want anyone not to Be eligible for the December 28th game against Kentucky. just don’t want any excuses want that beatdown to be legit. Prediction on final score UK 112. UofL 67. I know football is just around the corner but I can’t wait for basketball season, going to be like winning the lottery / Christmas early and having someone give you UK front row center court season tickets for life. And the latter being the better. BBN RULES ILF#9

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