T’Wolves GM Says D-League Wouldn’t Be Punishment For Shabazz Muhammad


Flip Saunders wants people to know he’s not sending out empty threats.  Actually Saunders isn’t threatening anyone at all.

After being sent home from the NBA’s Rookie Transition Program, Timberwolves GM Flip Saunders made it clear that Shabazz Muhammad might have to do a stint in the D-League if he doesn’t shape up.

Saunders clarified his remarks via The Star Tribune, and made it clear Muhammad could end up in the D-League at some point this season, but it wouldn’t be as a punishment.

On Friday, Saunders in his weekly KFAN radio appearance said Muhammad will receive a fast geography lesson about where Des Moines, Iowa, is if he doesn’t abide by the rules. The Wolves’ D League team is in Des Moines.

“That wasn’t a threat,” said Saunders, who coached in the minor league Continental Basketball Association once upon a time. “That was just saying I’m a CBA guy, I believe in the minor league system and I believe players are down there because they lack the skill to play at our level, don’t have the confidence or don’t have the mental frame. If you don’t have any of those three, then that’s where you go to develop to be successful in our league.”

I agree with Saunders completely.   The D-League can help Muhammad mature, gain some perspective and humility.  If Muhammad would prefer to avoid the D-League, then he might want to make better choices.