Cavs Tyler Zeller Added Weight Over The Summer by Eating Krispy Kreme

tyler zeller

There are a lot of people that love Krispy Kreme. I’m pretty sure they have banned the glazed ones from elementary schools because of the sugar. No one would have ever though to work them into a workout routine to add weight. Tyler Zeller wanted to try a new approach in adding muscle by loading up on Krispy Kreme:

“They’re so good,” he said, unabashedly. “If you get them hot….”

“I ate about six in probably 10 minutes, maybe less,” he said.

Zeller also said that he didn’t only eat Krispy Kreme to add weight but that he would follow that up by hitting the gym. I think the rest of us can related to Zeller packing on a reported 10 pounds from eating doughnuts. I don’t know how his career will play out but he will have a solid future as an intern using his doughnut buying skills.