Colin Kaepernick Dating Sanaa Lathan Thanks to Nnamdi (Photos)


Rumble…….Young Kap……Rumble

No reason for Kap to be favoring hater Tweets when he could instead be out with her…….

Colin kaepernick Sanaa Lathan

For the record Kap is 25 and Sanaa is aging like fine wine at 42. ¬†Allegedly it was Nnamdi that hooked them up (Nnamdi’s wife Kerry Washington is good friends with Sanaa), so while Nnamdi can’t cover anyone, he is an excellent wing man. ¬†It was just a date, but from the XOXO and heart symbols, it appears there will be a second date (no word on if it was a $200 date or Sanaa made a sandwich).

H/T Jocks and Stiletto Jill


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