Jake Locker Hurt After Being Sandwiched by Two Jets Defenders (Video)


Jake Locker Hurt

Two dirty hits in my opinion and the refs just chose to ignore them.

Hope Locker is ok.

Latest report is that it is a hip injury and he is on his way to the hospital.


  1. How is that hit illegal? As a matter of fact, the NFL should use Wilkerson’s hit as an example of how DL should hit QBs. As far as Coples, how is he supposed to assume Locker is going to be hit and bounced towards him?

    Look, it’s a violent game. When you have 300+lbs men, running full speed with the intent of hitting someone almost half their size, there is a real chance someone is going to get hurt. If this gets a fine, or a suspension, it will simply tell players, if you hit a guy and he gets hurt, you could be suspended. It’s unfortunate what happened. But, it’s football and guys get hurt.

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