ESPN Calls Danny Woodhead a “Working’s Man Darren Sproles”

Danny Woodhead

Danny Woodhead ran for almost 8000 yards in college, but since he is white, he can’t be talented he has to just be a hard worker and a grinder.

These a coded messages which frankly are insulting to Woodhead and Sproles. Both are hard workers and both are talented, nothing more, nothing less.

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One thought on “ESPN Calls Danny Woodhead a “Working’s Man Darren Sproles”

  • The phrase “working man’s” anything has always been used to indicate to a less expensive or economically friendly version of something. It literally has nothing to do with the work ethic of any of the parties referenced. I.e. the Chrysler 300 is the working man’s Rolls-Royce Phantom Finding any racism here is definitely a reach…

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