Magic Johnson Leaving ESPN’s NBA Countdown Show


Magic has left the building.

ESPN’s that is.

ESPN Media just released this statement confirming that Dodgers co-owner and former NBA great Magic Johnson will be leaving the network and the ESPN’s NBA Countdown show.

John Wildhack, ESPN Executive Vice President, Production:

Earvin “Magic” Johnson informed us today that he’ll no longer be part of our NBA coverage due to his other commitments. We appreciate Magic’s contributions and wish him well in his future endeavors. We are in the process of determining our NBA commentator roles for the upcoming season.

Here is the statement from Johnson himself on the departure.

I love ESPN.  Unfortunately, due to the nature of my schedule and other commitments, I don’t feel confident that I can continue to devote the time needed to thrive in my role. I will always feel a strong connection to the ESPN family and I enjoyed working with them very much. I’d like to thank John Skipper, John Wildhack, Mark Gross, Kim Belton, Amina Hussein, Mark Summer, Adam Hertzog, Bob Rauscher, Stuart Scott, Mike Wilbon, Jon Barry, Jalen Rose, Bill Simmons, Chris Broussard and the many others at ESPN for the wonderful opportunity to talk about the game I love. They are the best in the business.


4 thoughts on “Magic Johnson Leaving ESPN’s NBA Countdown Show

  • That’s cool…I’m sure he has his hands full anyway.

  • thank goodness. i stopped watching after he came on because it became the magic show. wilbon, who is an excellent journalist, couldn’t expose an opinion unless it was said or endorsed or praised by magic. now get rid of simmons. bring on david aldridge, and bring back barry.

  • First, I appreciate the class with which Magic left the program. It is not, however, surprising that Magic is no longer on the show. Bill sent a loud and clear message when he attempted to “bash” Doc Rivers that he( Simmons) is an idiot! Magic is “Mr. Basketball!” Mr. Simmons’ ego could not accept the fact that not only was he not listened to, but more importantly, became a pathetic JOKE! Mr. Simmons is a privilege, inapt, spoiled little white boy that wanted and craved on being the “man.” He(Simmons) needs to work on dealing with the “little man” syndrome. Or, spend some his money and/or “perceived” power for scientists’ to work on some sort of medication or invention to make him a man with real “balls,” or accept the fact he will never be more than a pseudo basketball analysis!! Perhaps he should consider BOTH!!!

  • Enough said, thank you DeeJ

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